Friday, February 10, 2006


Ground floor
see what I see,
enjoy the novelty,
recognise the futility
of using this to understand me.
Going up!

First floor
Images invert
things start to warp
No I ain't lookin up your skirt
it's my interpretation - I'm the perp
Going up!

Second floor
Recent memories?
Yeah, looks a little jumbled
I haven't had time to sort them out yet.
Best place to hide when reality crumbles
Going up!

Third floor
Catalogued thoughts
good for reminiscing
doesn't reel as it ought
lots of scenes missing
Going up!

Fourth floor
getting a bit dusty
locked doors, missing keys
these memories must be ugly
let's turn back ... please!
Going up!

Fifth floor
Red lights
sticky floor
shame covers everything like mold
sobbing behind every door.
Going up!

Sixth floor
Closed for refurbishing!
Going up!

Seventh floor
In the beginning was the Word
Bright light
a promise fulfilled
Everything's gonna be alright.


Rae said...

love it, love it, LOVE IT BB!

Unknown said...

I must have fallen off the elevator, cause mi life is all over the place right about now.

Anonymous said...

Really love this one!!

Anonymous said...

Have you thought of writing professionally? I think you could.

bassChocolate said...

Excellent BB.