Saturday, September 16, 2006

Ba bye Berry berry!

I'm back and despite having the intention to relate all my 'wonderful' experiences I am just too tired to do it justice. So let me leave that for now and just hail up all the peeps that been visiting even though I was gone. Awwwww so sweet! Thanx guys!

Last Saturday I was in a tizzy cause I wanted to do something for my dear Miss Berry berry who is so sweet and is leaving me for greener pastures (Now I know that sounds a tad bit scandalous and frankly I don't give a damn!) but I couldn't get ppl together for a cohesive plan! Apparently all of a sudden pan ppl need notice to lyme. I got ready non-the-less and found a few other old (emphasis on) faithfuls and we called up miss berry-berry and told her to meet us by Cuddy'z. It was a blast, though it left me broke for the week in country. But she is Bashment and that's what we do!

Ppl who join Panoridim seem to be the progressive type cause we keep 'losing' them to other countries. They go off on scholarships or to work and they mostly leave our fair isle to do so. Of course it could be that Panoridim 'drove' them out of the country. But then again, once you are a member of this band there is no leaving. We are worse than the mob because at least with the mob you know why you can't leave. If you leave the mob, you leave to die now or later in witness protection, in panoridim most ppl don't know why they can't leave.... they try.... boy do they try.

We are not a cult. We differ by having no specific doctrine and we don't collect dues. In fact our doors/gates are wide open and anyone can 'leave' when they want... they just can't. That's not our fault. We don't put anything in the water, we share the water cooler with the slugs on the side of the building. It can't be the liquor cause is only certain ppl enjoy dat! I ain't neva seen weed passed out in di pan yaad...... nor outside of it so I don't tink is dat either...... at least nobady neva offa mi none!

The beauty of it is that when you get good peeps they make an impression on your life. This year The BASHMENT BASSES and friends aka Panoridim lost 2 most important ppl who were vibe builders, performers extraordinaire, friends...BASHMENTIFEROUS PPL! We lost Richard and now we lossin Camille. I could be corny and say we aren't losing ppl, the world is gaining our treasure. But these two brought treasures to the pan yaad and shared them with us. They made coming down there 3-7 times a week endurable and enjoyable. I looked forward to practice and playouts knowing these guys were gonna be there (it helped that it meant I didn't have to play cause they had all under control). Both carried on the tradition started by Emru and myself.... we enjoyed playing bass and they did too.

The beat goes on but it's infectiousness once amplified by Camille and Richard is gonna be lost for a while until we recover from their absence. On a personal level...... who am I kidding! Speaking for panoridim is on a personal level! Even in my absence, pan is still life!


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