Monday, January 15, 2007

Last lap... wooooes

Guys.... this is it! The last semester of my programme and they are piling on the pressure! I have lots to blog about but just finding very little time to do it and this over-whelming desire to use all available time to study.

Then *$@#& Microp*nis decide that they have stopped support for Outlook Express to check free Hotmail accounts. Now I am forced to go on-line through a web-browser to check my hotmail. With some writing back and forth and some cock and bull stories I was finally told that I need to have a paying account to enjoy the freedom of Outlook Express...... Needless to say a free account is a free account and I didn't set-up a free account to start pay money on it!

So I tried all the set-up glitches people found but they have sealed those up pretty good by this time. I downloaded Mozilla's Thunderbird but I'm just locked out from using any proxy to check. The same seems to have happened to my Yahoo and Excite accounts as well.... no proxy checking for the free versions. Naturally I'm pissed..... this all really bites. I've wasted over 15 hours trying to set-up and by-pass and nothing is working at this time.

G-mail is the only one still allowing all programs to check it. I tried FreePops and it didn't work either... perhaps that one wasn't set-up properly but by the time I was trying it I was too pissed to even care if it worked.

What made matters worse was that I downloaded Windows Live Desktop Beta from in October and I didn't like it because it seemed to be web-based and took too long to fetch messages. Then the bastard integrated itself into Outlook Express. Well, I tolerated it cause Outlook would force it to download attachments, but using it directly it would flag every message and limit its viewing. So now I've turned to it since its the only one that is polling successfully the hotmail accounts and ..... it a gwaan like a big fassy, downloading only headers despite selecting otherwise. So now I can see that I have messages but must go on-line to view them. So ahhhh what's the point of this programme now?

3 proxy programmes
2 won't poll for messages being denied a connection to hotmail
1 fetches headers but randomly selects which I am allowed to view

Then my Windows Live Mail won't load properly ... not in IE7 nor Firefox (shocking). I keep having to switch to the Lite version. I hate responding to e-mail via web-browser!!!!!!

The moral of the story is.... I'll be able to read messages occassionally and respond with even less frequency. All the functionality I'm used to has changed so my desire to use the medium is diminished.... that's what happens when you used to a particular lifestyle. What is to Microsoft is DEATH to me!!

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dannyb said...

gmail is the way to go !!