Monday, May 14, 2007

At first...

At first I thought the story was about high school students.... until I read it! Mi cyaaah stop laugh at everything from start to finish!!

Students cursed by principal - Called 'parasites' for not bringing gifts on Teachers' Day

A group of grade-six students who did not give their teacher a gift on Teachers' Day last Wednesday were lined up and given a brutal tongue lashing by the school's principal, THE STAR has learnt.

Students at the Mineral Heights Primary School in May Pen, Clarendon, were allegedly called 'parasites' and 'worthless' because they did not give their teacher a gift. The students were cursed by the principal although some gave extra money towards a treat held for the teacher.

"The students who brought gifts were called one side class by class and there were 10 students who didn't bring any gifts in my daughter's class. The principal told them they were worthless and they are parasites," one parent told THE STAR.

She said her daughter, who witnessed the tongue lashing, said even when one student told the principal that she gave extra money for the party, the principal did not stop cursing them. "You give Mr. .... name of teacher) some cake and some ice cream and when him reach home him sh*t it out," the parent said the principal is alleged to have said.

She said her daughter was so hurt by the statements that she and other students started to cry even though they were not being cursed.

Maureen, another parent who did not want her correct name to be used, said that her child told her about the incident but she thought he was lying .

"This trip I never have it, I didn't even remember the date. They (two sons) have a good relationship with their teachers so I told them to just hug and say happy Teachers' Day," Maureen told THE STAR.

She said later, her son came home and told her that the principal cursed him and other students because they had not taken gifts. "Mi son seh 'Mommy, I was there, but I thought he did not hear right,'" she said.

The mother further said she did not believe that the principal would really say that to the children and said, "If mi go over there and hear say him really say that, then I would believe."

When THE STAR tried to get a comment from the principal on Friday, we were told that he had left early.

However, Mayor of May Pen Milton Brown, who is also chairman of the school board, said he is aware of the incident and has since met with the principal who will meet with the parents and students who were affected with a view to sorting out the issue.

He also said counselling would be provided for everyone at the school who has been affected by the incident. "We are dealing with it and it will be sorted out," he said.

But some residents are outraged and want the principal dismissed. "This is not the first time. I heard he has said other questionable things and you can't have someone like that making an impact on children," one resident said.


Unknown said...

The things some people do! I think he should be dismissed.

bassChocolate said...

I agree.

Miss Mel said...

WTF! Instant dismissal fi real, what kind of garbage is that ?