Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Bio-active breeze

I should change my blog title to Bashment SoapBox because over the years that's what it has served me as. Yes I have posted canon-fodder (jokes and other crap) but it is the SoapBox effect that I have enjoyed it for.

Am I at a cross-roads? Aren't we always!? But that's not my motivation today.

I went to vote today in our Local Government Elections. First of all I did not even know who the candidates were. That meant I couldn't sincerely vote based on past efforts or future promises. My vote would be relegated to partisan preference. Now that created a dilemma. Vote for the ruling party so that they would control both the Upper and Lower levels and theoretically could get more done. Or vote for the Opposition so that one party doesn't have all the power but run the risk that they can't get anything done.

I won't share what I decided but I did notice that nearly 3 hrs after the opening of the polling station I was the 16th person to vote in my polling division. That's tragic. It may be interpreted that others avoided the ethical and moral dilemma I faced by not turning up or that they just never saw the need to 'exercise their franchise'.

What does it all mean?

Well it means that in this country we are in serious trouble and we have no interest in doing anything about it. It is difficult to look at the faces of the current crop of politicians and waste your time voting for any of them. But it is ludicrous to not get involved at some level to at least force them to acknowledge that the electorate really does have the power.

As a sceptic, Sweet words mean nothing to me. Promises even worse. I am only willing to listen to something that sounds realistic; so it must include a problem statement, possible solutions, difficulties to be faced based on solution and then the overall cost to me. Anyone who tells me that they can fix whatever problem we are facing on a macro-level, in short order with minimum difficulty may make an appointment with my secretary to kiss my a$$!! Any time of day is fine, I'll make myself available.

The reality is that we the people have to fix the problems and we are not willing to even face that fact much less mount a reasonable assault on the various problems. If we can all just come together and .......

........(Crack!!) ........ My soap box just crumbled under the weight of my BS!!!

I'll continue to do my part despite the deeeeeep sense of futility of it all.


bassChocolate said...

By 'do my part' do you mean voting? Cuz frankly it all seems so futile I have no clue what my part it... except migration :S

Bashmentbasses said...

Treat people good, work with the poor, co-operate with the po-po, not smoke weed in public places, cut back on the guns for drugs line .... you know... useful stuff to make Jamaica a better place!!

Voting is just something to pass the time... free 1/2 day from work.