Saturday, August 16, 2008


I don't care if they correct it to 9.69. Either way di man is a star!!!

Di man stop run at 70metres and start show boat. Beat him chest and all!! Backside!! Can you imagine if he had kept his form? Yow mi sorry fi him now. Dem a go just hook him up to a blood giving set and test him till him weak. All him mada a get test to rhattid. Di pickney weh him go school wid a go get test. Blertneet all di dawg inna di yaard a go get test!!

Anyway mi soon touch road and mi plan fi drive past the Usain Bolt National Stadium onto the Usain Bolt Highway on my way to the Usain Bolt International Airport fi pick up mi relative dem from flight AB016 (Air Bolt)!!


P.S. Big up Frater!!!! Di man run him personal best and as far as I concern him mash up dat track!!!!

Mi want fi vex wid Powell but him a feel it now and I think I'd rather be supportive than destructive at this time.


laroper18 said...

Let the people say "Amen!"

bassChocolate said...

Usain is officially superhuman. 'Nuff said!

It's a pride-invoking thought that Frater managed his PR. It's good to see him improve.

Asafa has a problem. There's no point in being upset about it... we just have to hope he can get the help he needs so that he can get to the level he deserves.