Sunday, August 17, 2008

SCUBA skills we had to master

10 min swim
Equipment assembly/ dis assembly
Equipment donning and adjustment
BCD inflation and deflation at surface (oral and low pressure)
Regulator recovery
Regulator clearing
Mask clearing (small leak and full)
Underwater swimming
Submersible pressure gauge use
Alternate air source use
Hand signal recognition
Pre-dive safety check
Deep water entry
Snorkel clearing - blast method
Snorkel/regulator exchange
Surface swimming with scuba
Mask removal, replacement and clearing
No mask breathing
Disconnect low pressure inflater
Proper weighting
Air depletion exercise
Weight removal at the surface
Deep water exit - removal of equipment
Fin pivot (low pressure inflation and oral inflation)
neutral buoyancy swim
Cramp removal
Tired diver tow
Air depletion/ alternate air source use
Free flow regulator breathing
Controlled Emergency swimming ascent

Things we learned above our qualification:
no mask swim
weight removal and replacement (underwater and surface)

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