Saturday, June 25, 2011


As a doctor I am privy to information about my patients that they would prefer kept in strict confidence.  I dislike knowing people"s business, so it is an arrangement that works for me... they tell me stuff and I try to forget they told me stuff.  No harm, no foul.

However, when they piss me off, which they do a great deal, I would love an avenue to vent!  But crossing that line is serious business.  Issues of doctor-patient confidentiality betrayal is almost as bad as pulling an Anthony Weiner!

You can't tell the story with any identifiable details, including details of conditions that may be used later to help identify a patient.  You can never assume that such indiscretions can't get back to the patient.  Speaking hypothetically is just not an option either.  You can give anecdotal stories and stuff for giggles but those aren't the venting stories are they.

Dealing with human beings means you need an outlet.  Since they don't pay me enough to afford a reasonable outlet, I have TGIF and a few select friends who I trust to be confidential.  The commitment from all involved is a contribution to the Darwin tales.  Sometimes we get a little rowdy.  The musgrave madness does that to me.  That's right, I blame the musgrave madness!

Anyway, any other details would let you realise that doctors are human so I am done.


bassChocolate said...

I'm sure I'd love to hear some of those stories. I'm sure there are many others that I'm glad you keep to yourself.

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Bashmentbasses said...

Best believe it!