Sunday, April 07, 2013

Checking in

Soooooooo  I'm here.  Where is here?  Indiana, USA.  Doing what?  Not what I ought to be doing! But that's a whole other story.

I been growing.  I been broken and being rebuilt.  I could complain but part of being rebuilt is that you realise that you are better for it.  So I choose to give praise.  Still working on being content but ambitious.

I took 3 months off, which is another way of saying that I am unemployed.  I am awaiting my work permit.  Subway is hiring!  So is Papa Johns.  Considered being a bus driver but in Indiana they are very courteous.  I woulda wah empty out di bus and race it down di back road dem.

I thought I would have been bored here and to some extent I am.  But I am not crying myself to sleep bored.  I haven't resorted to television moron-tainment, but I fell into the FB well of despair and am clawing my way back out.  At my worst I knew what time of day certain folks would be logging on and I became a 'like' ho!

Winter is now over and I have ushered in SPRING!  (I hope the weather folks heard me.)  I have been going for walks, enjoying the crisp air, lack of sidewalks on some parts of campus, watching the bewildered beasts of the graduati, and I am to take up planting.  Notice I didn't say farming.  There is a vast difference.  I have headed back into the classroom virtually.  I am tackling unrelated study matter to ignite dormant brain cells to recall information of the past.

There is a bigger plan with many levels.  I soberly approach each day as if it is my first, with wonder and amusement.

Dig some pics below.  Later!

pools of ice in the middle of the field

BBQ area away from smoke alarms

Rising dough for my french bread

Jamaican phonetics very misleading

Are you surprised it is a food additive?

Hotness wife inna hotness boots!

Misleading - tastier than it looks, no salt

Goes well with the boots. Trying to unite them soon

All dressed up! Thank you JoS A Banks

Recycling bin?

Clarks mi seh! She will be mine!

Not the AXE effect I was looking for

Frosty C on a gansta lean

Angel got a little junk in tha trunk

I just went inside for 2 hours, what happened?

Canvas Stations of the Cross

Custer's last stand

Healthier eating. Sound financial planning ....slept out that class didn't I

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