Friday, June 28, 2013

Damned without a degree

"DAMNED without a DEGREE" is a damning headline and has done what it set out to do, stoke the fire and get people reading the newspapers. If we are not careful we may find ourselves swept up with emotion because of how the story is crafted.

In a nutshell it has been suggested that one needs to have a degree in Theology before being allowed to pastor/captain a church.  A number of persons felt that 'man' was trying to tell 'God' how to choose His servants.  Below was my response to the criticism of that position.

"Dem teach plenty tings at theology school, likkle counselling, likkle economics...plenty tings dat ppl go to pastor for guidance with. 
Samuel was a great prophet and last of the judges. He was given over by his mother Hannah to learn the priestly ways, yet he was called from birth. Jesus chose to learn scripture and the law just like all other Jews of His time. Daniel, Shadrak, Meshak, Abednego had to learn the Jewish teachings (and the Chaldean teachings while they were in bondage) even though they were called. To be called is the beginning. There is necessary formation. 

Anointing without formation means you can preach the word, after some fervent study of the word. Formation-education without anointing means you will be a good administrator. But a good pastor is called upon to have both. The Word of God should always be enough, but He has to dispense mercy along with it because of our nature. His shepherds need to know how to lead His flock. Seek wisdom where she is to be found."

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