Tuesday, September 06, 2005

No name: Circa ?

A glare, a stare
a pause, a breath
a murmer, a response
the thought of "till death"
A question asked with a positive end
a remarkable story to tell a friend.

A friendship made with dual thoughts
dual interests, dual worlds, dual smiles
with unique timing at hand.

Crazy thoughts of rejected responses
trouble me no more
For this crazy way of maintaining love
is what I'm dreaming for.
Forbidden love shall you see
and lust shall I reveal
Undoubting when thought about;
you are the perfect one for me

You complement my walk, my laugh
my dress, my hazy eyes, my lips
my heart, my hand, my soul, my eternity
at life.

My disbelief in cruel love
is what weighs on my soul,
a stake to drive through this loving heart
is making in the mold.
Something which is hard to see
if searched for you'll not find
it's something felt by the heart and soul
and embedded in the mind

Why??? when everything is brightly bloomed
comes these thoughts of gloom
if acted upon at anytime
shall this dual love see doom?
A former friend, a former heart
a former "I love you"
a valentine, a summer night,
a Sunday afternoon,
a former whisper in the ear,
"I will be home soon"
an unintentional rejected person
for quite an eventful June.

This used to be my life of love
to which was added a twist,
but even in my worst dreams
it never turned to this.
You will always be someone to remember
this is eternally true
I want another chance
but do you have it in your heart
to want me as I want you?

Author's notes

I figure there is a story behind this but I can't remember it. Thus I can't explain what the hell I was talking about. But I chose to share it none-the-less.

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