Tuesday, September 06, 2005


I've been resisting commenting on Katrina and the resulting antics but there is so much material to work with. Never-the-less I'll still resist from going on too long.

Some persons have been speculating about God's intention for New Orleans. It has been said that He was wiping out the sinners. Then how come hurricanes passed us by? Ok so they were planning to hold a huge debauchery festival this month. But the festivals are held in the French Quarters..... the high ground in New Orleans. That's where Mardi Gras is held as well. God got his geography wrong? Why don't we stop guessing at what God meant to do and concentrate on the more easily read human intent..... like Bush and his refusing to hug the black ppl but hugging the white ones right next to them.

The Associated Press was kind enough to remind us that race relations still needs work. Their lovely pictorial representation of that fact still has me reeling. I knew there was a problem but I still am in disbelief. WTF!?!

I read an article which pointed out that officials have known since 1960 that they were in for trouble with any major storm. So if they knew why didn't they do anything about it? Not enough white ppl affected? Who the hell knows. I guess even in a 1st world country, beaurocrats will still make decisions with the hope that all will be well in the end.

I want to blast the Bush government and the other elected officials who played the fool and let beaurocratic red tape get in the way of a speedy response to affected persosn but the enormous loss of life has removed much of my venom. I look and I see similarities between their poor and our poor. I see where our experieneces put us in a better position to deal with these types of disasters. I see that we haven't the terain that would result in such a devastation (Portmore don't rest easy). We don't have the arrogance/comfort of tremendous resources at our disposal to allow us to sit comforatbly on our laurels. I pray for them and realise that the world is gonna feel it as well.

Peaceful protests? As a Jamaican I have no idea what that is. Whoever proposed that ought to have done some public education as well and follow up evaluation so that they could be assured that the ppl know what a peaceful rpotest is all about. I could have benefitted from the lesson. I understand that the intention was to shut down the country. The people who will benefit most if the gesture worked are those will suffer the most if it doesn't work. Land taxes pay for the NSWMA operations. The rubbish and debris in the road to block them has to cleared by that agency. Which means that the middle class have more to pay for that recovery effort. All the JLP councillors have divested themselves of responsibility of the road blocking. After all they told the ppl peaceful protest.

I agree that something must be done, I just don't have a useful solution...... That's not entirely true. I have some suggestions, but I know that there would be few takers for them. It would result in a disruption of our comfort levels by hitting the country where it hurts without hampering freedom of movement.

One day I'll list them.

JPS, NWC, C&W, Cable providers, ISPs, Supermarkets, all of these places are in business for profit not service.


James said...

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Bashmentbasses said...

I let this guy stay because his site may prove to be useful to someone.

bassChocolate said...

I too have stayed away from posting about Katrina, mainly because:
1. there'd be too much to say; and
2. it would just piss me off more.

The AP pictures put on paper for us what many suspected was a PART of the problem. I think though that there's plenty blame to be passed around starting at the bottom, the local level, with the mayor and his crew. It's been revealed that they were slow out of the blocks as well, and failed to implement plans they had in place for this kinda disaster. You probably know what I'd say about FEMA and Bush and them so I won't get into that.

As to the protests- whoever thought a nationwide protest involving a bunch of frustrated Jamaicans would turn out peaceful should be castrated and then shot (sorry, just had to say that). I'm short on substantial ideas, but I know protests aren't it. And it bothers me that the ppl at the top that want to run gov't think that's the way to go, cuz obviously then they're laden with some amount of incompetence.

Don't post about this again. You'll make me wanna cuss.