Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Who Does He Think He Is?

Hey guys. I took the liberty of posting something my younger brother wrote below. Read and enjoy.


This tall guy,

A struggling Christian at that.

He’s used to doing what he’s told, always.

Very disciplined

But without a cause.

Not a true representation of perfection by any means,

At least, not now.

You see, his thoughts, became dark,

Like his skin, and negativity absorbed him.

His once focused mind, has become abstract

Like his interpreted world.

All his tangible memories, shot.

Names, faces education and places, just deja vu

Not a problem to him cause nothing really matters anymore.

A stunted conversationist

But with in-depth analogies

His words, soft and slender.

Slender, like his build.

He hoped for wealth and a reckoning,

But his educational path would not allow him so,

At least so he thinks.

How ironic, he’s his own worst enemy.

A true to form loner.

Arrogant with himself, but shy to the world.

Anomalous friendships and mythical love,

Keep him agile, though in ashes.

But then again, he is blessed.

Blessed with a sibling for each arm,

And a rebuttive mother that drills in him sanity and purpose.

This complements the wisdom he devoutly fasted for.

His puzzle pieces may be few,

But acceptance has stretched them to fit.

So who does he think he is?

An overly complexed, sometimes perplexed individual

An enigma, a phoenix.

He’s the problem with the world, and the solution to the world’s problems,

All rolled in one, scheduled to be misunderstood.

Is he noticed?

Probably, probably not.

But who cares, he doesn’t,

At least not any more.