Friday, January 06, 2006

I'm not mad......

Thursday night

Check my blog because I have a brilliant post and now PC in my room. Can't afford to lose the flash of brilliance. Hmmmm! Blog isn't loading and bits of code are printing like text.... Curiouser and curiouser. Load page in IE and Firefox...........both stuck at same point. WTF(unk)?!

Log in and check template. ....... Code stops at Keiran King!

I remain calm and look for the Blogger Help Button. Eventully I find a post form and I explain myself in as calm but urgent manner as possible. I'm still calm. Thoughst go back to all the tweaks I've done and how I should really have copied my code to my HDD but never got around to it.... last viable copy was October.....

I go to sleep and wheel and come again.

Friday Evening

No answer from Blogger but the standard automated response. I start looking at the problem. I just can't resist. Wait a minute.... what happened to all my IE links? Firefox is working quite fine! Why won't IE load any home pages but will take manual entries? Where are my desktop icons?

Lets shut down and start again.


Ok, icons back. ..... IE still sick......... Firefox still working........... That'll do donkey!

Piecing together code and previewing. Not pretty. Archives is working! Home page isn't. Go for old backup. Old backup isn't from October?! I don't even know when it's from. It has modern links in old template. WTF(ire stick)!?!

Nothing else not nada.....nada 3.....Bumpkiss!!

So I work with it, because the other one I was trying to work with for over an hour not working with me.

So my blog is jacked up! I still don't know WTF(udgesicle) is going on.

I'm not mad..................I'm F'ing PISSED!!!!



Anonymous said...

Stop bitching and fix the problem. What you want sympathy because you didn't secure your code? Get over it newbie and welcome to life!

Bashmentbasses said...

OK!!! Being a 'newbie' (hope I spelled that correctly) I had to google it to figure out if it had any negative connotations that I needed to be concerned about. Apparently I'm just naive to this blog code thing.

Thanx for stopping by (I think).

I'll stop my bitching and welcome to life indeed.

The Seeker said...

fun stuff

bassChocolate said...

Ditto Mark.

Bwoy, I feel for you BB. Tings tuff.