Tuesday, March 21, 2006

At today's session of our parish Lenten Renewal, Bishop Reece pointed out three words coming from the world: Individualism, Hedonism, and Minimalism.

Dang man! I was getting the minimalism down to a science! My hand did not move towards my ass to scratch it without accomplishing something else on the way down. Multi-tasking I called it. I took it to extremes. I pat myself on the back so many times at how deftly I managed to juggle so many things and people at the same time or at least linearly with synchronous timing.

So it's contemplation time again. I have to find all the ways I have been 'minimalising' and weed them out. I find I do it even with answering ppl. As few words as possible, to the point where if I felt that one word answers were sufficient, that is what you got. I never saw it as being rude (rude ppl never see it that way), I was merely engaging in economy of words. Perhaps I thought if I saved enough I could win a trip to Disney world with the surplus. Or maybe I needed them to blog (you dun kno my thesis posts)!

To what end did I accomplish anything by using as few words as possible? How did I serve my fellow man with that 'neat' parlour trick? True I didn't bore them to tears (that's secretly what this blog is for.... who am I kidding. That's no secret!).

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