Sunday, April 23, 2006

April 22nd

I had a quiet and peaceful day. I appreciated it and all those who:

* called
* e-mailed
* text(ed)
* sent e-cards
* gave me cards
* bought cake for me
* made fruit salad of Mango and Lychee
* gave me wine to drink
* gave me peaches
* wished me well on my blog
* gave me jokes
* etc...

April 22nd is the birthday of Lenin.
In 1955, then Soviet Premier, Nikita Krushchev ordered April 22nd be designated a day to celebrate Communism.
In 1970, it was chosen to be Earth Day by Gaylord Nelson, one of the founders of the event.
My parish priest shares the day with me.

The history channel has some other interesting events that took place on April 22nd.


The Seeker said...

Happy Birthday (Y)

Sweet Simone said...

Happy belated Birthday BB! glad u enjoyed it :D