Sunday, September 24, 2006

Space garbage

So after how many years and tragedies of space travel man has finally launched garbage into space. Not the usual space debris that is bad enough. Now they are launching rockets with cremated remains, sentimental items a few experiments from schools and universities and any old junk that ppl willing to pay to have sent into space for ..... a few hours.

A few hours.... It just rolls off my tongue like vitrious bile! The backside shuttle a blow up 1:4 and the others losing parts on launch and return so much that them have to check wind speed to see how many panels they can afford to lose. What happened to crazy glue? It must be crazy glue holding the shuttle together why it shedding like skin! Sell dem some Pattex.... the panels won't stay on but at least it will trail dem back down.

Den di ppl dem a drop tools inna space .... like dem no have enough trouble. There is no Wal-Wart near by, how di backside you a drop bolts and wrench and whatever?! Not just once but twice in the same trip. Perhaps now they need to teach them to hold things in space securely and not just space walk and make prank calls to order pizza.

So di cremated man is gonna appreciate the space trip? I'm just asking! The only sensible thing on those launches are the school science experiments. Students fi learn!

Anyway, if me did have a rocket a launch too, mi woulda tek dem money and put all dem granny up deh if dem want! Cho!!!


Unknown said...

LOL! People seem to do all kinda crazy thing when they have money to spare. Let's just hope things don't "fall back" to haunt us!

bassChocolate said...

The U.S. will probably launch Saddam into space eventually.

reluctant intellectual said...

Let's not forget the time someone at NASA forgot to convert feet to metres and caused a probe to miss its target :).

Bashmentbasses said...

They hate metric anyway. Beein fighting it for years. Now that they have to share the space station and other stuff them have to take into consideration the rest of the world who use metric.