Sunday, October 08, 2006


Dutch ran the transport during slavery..... Middle Passage! Now they run oil!

Today's Observer (Sunday Oct 8th) had a wondeful spread in Section A detailing the whole Trafigura and Jamaica and Nigeria connection. Sorry I don't have the link. Couldn't locate it. Suffice to say it is a nice chronology of events and clears up the relationship and some issues like the JLP's criticism of PJs new job, but raises a few new questions.

Ok, so in the 70s we had oil problems (nothing new under the sun) and we go to Nigeria and arrange some deals that allow us to get oil at a cheaper price than OPEC dictates because of its quality (or lack thereof). We can't process the oil it's just too...... crude (go figure), so we sell it to people who can and use the money to purchase the oil that we can process. Nice arrangement I think!

So Trafigura is employed to trade the oil for us. In keeping with Jamaican politicians, Trafigura is full of shady dealings. They drop $30M our way ..... oops I mean PNP's way to ensure that they get a contract renewal. Obviously the deal is good for them and they need the deal enough to donate 1/2Mil USD. First Caribbean manager (coincidentally the wife a of a JLP counsellor) decides that it is her duty to expose the thieving PNP for who they are. So she leaks it to the 'starving for power', thieving JLP. Instead of properly investigating it so that they would have wondeful leveridge, they give it to Bruce 'E.D. quickshot McGraw' Golding (how the hell did he manage to father kids with that problem?) . So he throws away the element of surprise and is now gonna be sued .

The CCOC (Colin Campbell Our Candidate) Account is now gonna be closed and Colin has resigned after PJ 'I shall return from the Shell scandal of 92 to become Prime Minister defeating the JLP twice at the polls' Patterson calls for his head. They both know something the rest of us should know and that is that in 6mths time he can return. We have basically given him vacation and delayed his flight (to power). He is one of their wonder boys and they ain't letting him go for sh*t!

Di PNP will seek to return the money (30M) and settle with First Caribbean out of court for 45M. They'll sue Golding for another amount yet to be announced and so Golding would have supported the PNP by talking too soon and throwing away the advantage and then funding their campaign with the award from the lawsuit. All in a days work for the JLP.

Is there a semi-honourable person in politics that we can count on to stick it to us every other day instead tds (three times daily) in daily divided doses? My ass hurts from the tricks they turning on me!

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