Monday, November 20, 2006

Jamaicans... Gotta love us!

Jamaicans are NOT violent and aggressive; (and anybody who doesn't agree,just need a good kick .....).

Don't pay too much attention to the names of some of our entertainers and sound systems. Having a sound system called Copper Shot, Vendetta, Mega Death or War Zone doesn't mean that we are preoccupied with violence.

Because a DJ calls himself Assassin, Bounty Killer, Merciless or Hollow Point
doesn't mean that we are prone to brutality and bloodshed. Even though fans
light real massive fires at stage shows and dances, the DJs are not being literal
when they call for fire to be cast upon certain elements.

The fire is metaphorical. And don't mind the fact that we have more swear words here than anywhere else in the world. We are not abusive. And the only reason why I wouldn't make a big fight, burn some tyres
and wave some grammatically creative placards at the suggestion that we are lazy, is because it would take too much work and effort.

Jamaicans are not bad. Many of us are decent, honest, law-abiding citizens. We may do all in our power to avoid paying taxes, we may have illegal water connections, and we may bridge the light as soon as JPS cuts it off for non-payment of bills, but we are not criminals.

A little 'bun' - Yes, there are numerous Christian-minded ladies who are not adverse to giving the gentleman a little 'bun' every now and again. And yes, many mothers know that their sons are vicious gunmen but are prepared to buy obeah or pay lawyer to prevent them from being convicted, or 'drop dung and bawl' for the TV camera if police kill them, but we are nice people!

No lie....And politicians don't lie. They may occasionally indulge in a little 'terminological inexactitude', but they do not tell untruths. Don't believe everything you hear. After all, Amina Blackwood is not all that meek and Claudette 'Miss Lickle' is neither pious nor little.

As for the grotesque simulation of rough sex that passes for dancing between men and women, in dance halls and nightclubs, that is not slackness; it is an expression of African cultural retention.

We have a healthy respect for authority figures. Never mind the numerous hours we spend on radio talk shows 'tracing off' elected representatives and denigrating our leaders. That is called democracy.

The Governor General tripped and fell flat while walking to the podium to present some national award a couple years ago. I saw it on a live television broadcast and my immediate reaction was to collapse in a convulsion of laughter. Of course, after I caught my breath, I was able to express the requisite outrage that the people in charge of the physical arrangements could have allowed such an embarrassing occurrence. But I had a good laugh first, and I am not insensitive. I just have the very Jamaican ability to 'tek bad sinting mek laugh' This is Jamaica and we are a case study in contradictions!


bassChocolate said...

Point made, boss. Point made!

laroper18 said...

A unique society indeed!