Sunday, November 26, 2006

Live on Stage

My God people!!!!! I just came from a most amazing concert..... performance..... live performance!! Yep that's it.

Elan from Rising Stars was great!
MG (Mario Guthrie) was great!
His special guests were great!
Choir Boyz was great ( I didn't know Rudy sang bass?!)!
Rocky V was great!
Kemar (sp) was great!
Air Plai was great!
Their lead singer was phenomenal!!!!
She sounds like Erykah Badu and Aretha Franklin in one and she likkle bit. Yet har voice liff haaff di roof!!! Granted she looked a little high but who gives a shit! She bad cyaaa dun!!! She sang Natural Woman and dat deh piece a music no easy fi do at all and all man likka mi had to was git up and sing along wid har!!!

Unfortuantely they are only performing for one weekend only at the Phillip Sherlock Centre for the Creative Arts. Tomorrow/Today/Sunday November 26th, 2006 is the last show at 6pm. $700 for regulars and $500 for students with ID and children.

Damn guys you just have to go see them! I know many of you are already on the live music scene so I ain't telling you nothing you don't already know, so just spread the word man cause they need to be heard.

I was talking to a number of them after the show and they do Red Bones, Village Cafe, and other venues but what they need to do is mass media. So does anybody have any links we could give dem a buss? Is there anyone willing to take up the mantle and run with it to get their demos out? Is there anyone willing to help them design a web site featuring all of them and maybe some snippets (looped of course) of their work? If you are that somebody, link me man and I'll join you! Just to get them out there to the world. They are definately worth it!!!!


Don Dadda said...

Reading these things mean more to me than you would ever know, especially since this show was mine. Glad it could inspire, and i think God has a plan for us all, and i think he's talking to me in ways that others may not yet be able to appreciate. Thanks for the comments.

Padelli said...

Thanks for the warm feedback!
This weekend showed me how important it is to simply 'live good' with people. We all gave willingly and out of love for music and our passion to see it done well. As a pan player, you know that many times it's about the fellowship and synergy rather than the reward and LiveonStage was great example of this.

I had a great time too, and was grateful to be on the same stage with such talented artists. Let's keep on perfecting the craft and sharing it. All the best MG.