Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I luv 2 B a weiner!

In everything in life there is a lesson to be learned about ourselves and human nature.

1. In high school I played on the rugby team as a prop. It was my job along with the other prop to support the hooker when we were in the scrum. It was the hooker's job to ensure that he hooked the ball backways into our set of players. The rest of the scrum was responsible for driving the scrum forward so that the hooker would have an easier task of winning the ball. As a prop you were front line in the scrum and also (unofficially) responsible for the trash talking to the opposing players. We squared off with their props, while our hooker squared off with theirs.

We had pretty uniforms.... but rugby is not about that. We were quite disciplined (trash talking the exception) .....but hell no was rugby about that. We would win games against some good teams....... but we never made it to a finals. Since we knew we couldn't win, we would take our victories where we could. So we as props we'd delight in hitting our opponents so hard that he was taken off the field with injuries (all within regulation of course)... "Yeah bitch! Remember the red before you fade to black!" Our uniform was red.

We have many stories about limbs we broke and concusions we gave..... but no clear memories of the games we won. We gave up on that war.

2. We hold regular Kalookie wars... if you've ever played with us you know it's no game. People will sacrifice their own hand to ensure that a common enemy loses. Common enemy changes from round to round depending on who's winning and who dared to double.

Want to know if it's lonely at the top... be a clear winner in kalookie with two rounds to go. You'll be ignored, chatted, cards dealt face up, refused calls, food taken away, insulted when you open your mouth, thrown out of the house if it isn't yours, your ass left behind (outside naturally) if you didn't drive, etc... And this is if you are playing with friends.

Having been on both sides I know the pain of victory and the pain but oh so sweet revenge of defeat.

Nobody likes to lose! But guess what...... Very few win!

So we compensate for the losses, which are the majority of our existence, with small battle victories...or excuses.... So after being abused at work we cut off the borer/taximan because that person not going to get one over on us today as well. Or we bore into traffic because we must get one over on somebody today. Or maybe we don't do petty things but climb atop our soapbox and preach to our blog kingdom (unless you've got a counter and realise that your blog-dom has population 1)!

The message we receive in social engineering is that winners are rewarded. And although we are supposed to fight fair, we know that fighting dirty gets you ahead as quickly or faster.

So the poor man employed as guard at a clothing store earning minimum wage, knowing that the store owners are making a mint off other poor people and he decides that he gonna swipe some clothing, not because he'll trade places with the winners, but simply to win a battle, the lines of his own drawing. Maybe he'll tell you his kids are hungry and he did it for that reason... which may exist, but why didn't he steal from someone else? Why didn't he take a chance and steal food? Why didn't he beg? Why didn't he borrow?


1. Maybe you duke it out like a champ, never give up and fight every battle you can.
2. Maybe you are selective with your battles, labelling some as non-issues.
3. Maybe you internalise and blow like volcanoes on the wrong ppl at the wrong time
4. Maybe you channel it into other activities

Whatever you choose to do, you still do something. Those who don't fight any battles in any way.... we tend to treat with medication. We call the condition ANHEDONIA; a negative symptom of schizophrenia. They take no pleasure in anything... so win, lose, draw... is all the same.

So my big side (reassurance that they are worthy),
no worry bout dem a fight we out (what's happening doesn't affect us being a big side and also fight-out notion is placing blame elsewhere, not our fault)
It's the principle of it (rationalising the fight for the extra point since much issue was made about the attaining of just 1 point)
Dem get fidem bag a point an want to tek weh fiwi 1 point (the awarding of that extra point is the only battle we can win so we will fight for it)
God nah sleep! (more justification, and at a higher level, while ignoring the fact that they were blessed with the victory for a reason)


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me said...

Ok, so I can now accept that Seeker will NEVER play kalooki with us after reading your blog