Monday, December 31, 2007

mumble jumble

I realise that its a week late but MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!!!!! I heard that it's not 2008 (hate) but 2000-Love cause dats what we promoting!!

I am preparing to go to work for the first time in 5yrs. Real work, with ID and salary, not the "volunteer ism" I been doin at the various hospitals they have sent me to. Now I actually get paid to take abuse... like everybody else.

I am scared out of my mind!!! What di hell have I gotten myself into?!

Anyway, I know it will be alright. It has to be.... aunty Em.... there is no place like home....(click click) there is no place like home...

Disjointed thoughts and i can't claim inebriation... Now that just plain sucks!

Well I buy 2 pants (literally) and two shirt and 2 tie fi wear go a work. But I tink seh I gonna wear back di Bush Jacket dem cause di po-po recognise yu fasta inna dem dan inna shirt and tie and ID.

So I'm on duty new year's night and every Friday night in January. Welcome to Jamrock!! I just have to accept that this year of my life will be donated to this cause. I am looking forward to the second year and actually hope this one goes by rather quickly.

This holiday season was rather low keyed. Spiritually I actually just focussed on the coming and then I failed to properly rejoice on the day cause I was busy running ragged from church to church performing like a travelling minstrel. Then the other days just slipped by. No STING for me this year.... again! Damn it man!

Then I still didn't make it to the beach and I didn't finish the Nintendo game and I didn't finish the novels and I didn't finish my garden work that I planned and I didn't finish the work in the house I wanted to do and I didn't finish building the website and I didn't finish watching all the movies I have been collecting and I didn't finish.....

CARNIVAL 2009 anyone?!!

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