Tuesday, May 06, 2008

My new PDA

So we got husband and wife PDAs HP Ipaq classic 111(identical models actually). Trying to get some accessories for it on-line. Managed to get a 1GB SD card for it. Installed my med programmes on it already and am to get some more.

Wifey has decorated it with some themes. She had a DELL Axim X3 before so she is PDA queen.

We opted to avoid the Blackberry craze because we both have such poor luck with phones.

Put them on my home network so we can surf with them and check mail. Bluetooth enabled.

Why? Because I can!!

Also got a printer: HP Photosmart C4380. It is wireless enabled, with SD card slots and a small screen for viewing photos bfore printing from the cards. Also has USB. It is an all-in-one with scanner and copier. Also set it up on my network.

Too bad I'm at work most of the time and can't enjoy it all.

What's next?

I'm still building my AMD desktop system with my LAN party MoBo.
I want an Imac 21".
Do I need it all?
Hell no!!! But damn it would be nice.


Unknown said...

Brap, brap, yuh good to go! Man looks like you treated yourself and the wife in fine style!

Bashmentbasses said...

What can I say... I do try!