Monday, June 09, 2008

Gimme dis

Why is it that Jamaicans think that as soon as some tragedy befalls them that they ought to be helped by their MP and they call for the government to come give them handouts and help-ups?

If my house bun down you think that I can go block road and call for my MP? Hell if I did, those same ppl dun laugh and say that I have it and so I must sort out my own business.

It would be nice if government could respond to us like that but it's unrealistic! That's why we have local civil authorities, church bodies and NGO's who step in to assist if they can. And assist is what they do, they don't have to. It's all choice!

But the way you hear Jamaicans on tv talking you'd think that the world owes them assistance. They need to look back and see what the hell they have given for their country that requires payback. Votes for a politician? That's between them and the politician! Please don't involve my tax dollars in that!

If they gave up the criminals in their neighbourhood and then I heard they get burn-out I might be ammenable to my tax dollars being used in such weird ways.

I'm not against assisting. I'm all for it! We are our brother's keeper but that is by choice not by gun-point.

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bassChocolate said...

Very much with you on this. I don't know why people feel that the government is suppose to fix everybody's problems, regardless of how personal the issues are.

That said, maybe the gov't is to blame... people are so used to getting nothing from them (including the things they SHOULD get), maybe they can no longer make the distinction between what they're entitled to and what they're not.