Thursday, July 17, 2008

Panoridim pride

I was part of one of the best Panoridim concerts of all time. The production was excellent. The concepts were fantastic. The energy was tremendous. I worked backstage but I jumped, danced, and was spent as if I had played.

I'm still disappointed that I wasn't on stage for this concert, but I am so pleased with the effort that persons put in and the outcome.

In the past people who've watched a Panoridim concert have always enjoyed themselves but singled out certain people for their energy or antics. I didn't see the show from an audience perspective but from the wings it looked like everybody had choreography, energy, stage presence, ..... fantastic!!

I'm still biased and think my basses were the best, but in all honesty pink diamonds in a tiara full of diamonds may shine bright but don't diminish the value of its companions.

1 comment:

bassChocolate said...

It was good from the crowd as well. Wonderful show.

And yeah... the basses were indeed the best :D