Monday, July 07, 2008

Road to Beijing

Flashback - Last Olympics I watched in horror as Bolt and Asafa thoroughly embarraaaaaassed me. I promised them both a proper kick down as soon as I saw them a road.

Today - I am quite pleased with them both. Bolt more so because he has grown the most. It helps that 9.72s was done without steroids, genetic enhancements, 4400 rectal abuse, breeze a blow back a him... Di man mek di breeze himself (an a no fawt me a talk)!!!

I am looking forward to this Olympics because I see where we have a fantastic opportunity to see our athletes shine at the highest level. I'm proud of them all. I'm sorry that VC can't do her 100m thing for us, but damn these young girls are fast!! She did her personal best and came 4th. It rough boy!!!

Tyson Gay out with injury. Him did a try run unassisted and hot up im foot!! Interesting. I'm not so sure I'm quite pleased, I wanted him to be properly schooled in 100, 4 x 100, and 200m. But a gift is a gift, don't look the gift horse in the mouth!


bassChocolate said...

My greatest wish is a Tyson/Usain/Asafa final. To be honest, I'm going for the underdog here... Asafa :-) But that 100M should be a ripper!

Bashmentbasses said...

I wonder if I can call in sick b4 everybody else on that day?!