Monday, September 22, 2008

Seeking clarification

I'm trying to understand why in the reports that Haiti has been hit by 4 tropical storms in the last month, that no mention was made of the Dominican Republic.  I know that the Geo teacher and I never really made it past aquaintances but I distinctly remember him saying that Haiti and Dom Rep share the same land mass.

Perhaps the Haitians took the cursed side of the island and built on sand while the Dom Repians built on solid ground, but that would just explain the absence of the massive land slides the Haitians won  for themselves after playing the game called forest denudation.

The news reports lamented the fate of poor Haiti, and even said that Hanna sat on Haiti for 4 days! Now, if they were talking about Cuba I could understand because if a storm go north, south, NE, NW,.... it lick Cuba.  Cuba just in di wrong place all di time.  But is never the same part get lick all the time.  But Dom-aiti ain't dat big!!!  How Hanna decided which side was gonna get di floodin?  Plus based on the news reports, all di disasterin was confined to the Haitiian part of the island.  Apparently the storms tried to sneak past the Dom Rep and then let go full force on Haiti.

4 deaths in DR and 300 in Haiti.  Did the DRians evacuate or something?

Do Haitians at the border bridge light from the DRians?

So if the Haitian side so salt, How come the Haitians don't run away to the Dom Rep?.... How come!?? 


Anonymous said...

I asked this question the other day and a friend and I discussed the answer. It simply is that Haiti has nowhere near the infrastructure of the Dominican Republic. Yes the hurricane hit both places, but DR has little damage to speak of. It's just like they had gotten some heavy rains... big deal. whereas Haiti on the other hand looked like a tornado passed through it. Same piece of land, 2 very different countries, and 2 very different ways of life... and yea, I'm sure there is something preventing people from crossing the border that easily.

bassChocolate said...

I've seen a picture one of a portion of the border separating Haiti and DR. The difference was astounding. Truth is,
1. As Rae said, the landscape in both countries is much different, leaving Haiti far more susceptible to major damage/tragedy
2. If you look at the path of the 4 storms, the really gave Haiti much more major blows than DR. Haiti was like a magnet.

I do agree thou that I have no idea what happened in DR... and something must have happened.

Thinkbass said...

Unfortunately, due to their intense liking for trees (so much so that there is none standing) they have made themselves bitches for hurricanes. Nothing to help slow those bastards down - just flat land. Oh...and people - which apparently cannot stand up to hurricane winds. Hmmm.