Sunday, October 05, 2008

Being miserable

I tuned in to the Golden celebrations on local television yesterday and I was annoyed by the hitches that took place.  We knew from August that we were gonna celebrate our athletes.  We had heard it announced that it would be a week of celebrations.

So why were the behind the scenes personnel standing in the way when the dancers were entering and causing the dancers to collide in them as they entered the track?  Why did the BMW have to break up suddenly to avoid colliding with the other car in front?  Why were the cues missed constantly?  How some dancers buss early and others looking to their left and right to figure out what's the next step?  etc....

Then what message we sending when the para-olympians had to wheel themselves in while the females were drawn in strange looking carriages and the men come in fancy cars?  Ok I can understand the princess carriage and the pearl carriage but what was the pumpkin carriage about?  Is she a country bumpkin?

What were the half nekkid girls for in the see-through clothes?  Why di girl with Asafa had her hand between his legs and wouldn't move it for nutten? 

Bolt did exactly what I thought he would do... Appear, walk the track and dance, causing the security much hassle as they try to pretend to do the job they heard that they were to be doing.... keeping unauthorised persons at bay.


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bassChocolate said...

I find most of our Gala-type functions to be sloppy, poor organized and quite lame... I didn't waste much time watching.