Saturday, December 02, 2006

Details finally ..... the proposal (for women)

So I speak to her parents and after much thought I get the go-ahead. So my options are:

1. On her birthday as I had planned ( but I have exams that week- birthday is monday, exams wednesday and friday)
2. On Friday (that's after exams, celebration time....)

I ask her if she can fit me in on Monday (my usual custom for her birthday cause her family usually goes out to dinner on birthdays). She says she'll see what comes up as she doesn't know what they are up to.

The weekend before she invites me down to her cousin's wedding in Mobay. I decline cause I have a funeral the saturday and I need the time to sort out details. I take the ring to church and thank God for it. I rack my brains to find a special way to do it without coming off too cheesy or like I was some sort of copy-cat. Not that simple. Saturday night and all I've come up with is a poem. I do it up on special parchment paper. Did up some fancy borders and actually looked for nice fonts cause she likes fonts and fancy paper. I roll it up and tie it with a bow.

It's Sunday night and I still don't know if she's free on Monday. Should I dress in my suit and find her class and do it in front of them? She hates private affairs in public forums.
At home in front of her family?..... Only if I have no other choice. maybe I'll just do it tonight at midnight.... yeah that's it.... midnight serenade and proposal! I call and she is too groggy. That's a bust.

Monday she's having a lousy day. Her laptop dies and she has to get the info off to do some work that night due the next day. She wants to pass by me before she heads to work. I hide the stuff and welcome her and act as if nothing is different about today. Wished her Happy Birthday! no card, no gift... no clue! She says I'm invited to dinner with her and her family: Thai food in New Kingston. I mull over it and finally agree reluctantly. She leaves.

I rush and get the CD with the serenade music together and type out the lyrics for the duet we'll sing afterwards. I try to find the priest who is to bless the ring and timing is gonna be close with that part (I didn't make it to him in time). Dinner is at 7pm and I'm leaving my house at 7:15pm. She calls and says they are leaving, I say I'll meet them there. I drive like a madman... taxi driver to get there before them and I did too. I hide all the things in the car and I scout out the place to see if its suitable for a proposal. I lose my feel for the place so I decide not to do it there.

After dinner, I ask her to accompany me on a drive. After setting out I say that I ned to use the bathroom and ask her if they would allow me to use it at the Pegasus. When I start to pull out all the stuff from the car she realises something is up. At the poolside i order some wine and I start my speech about how special she is to me and how much I've enjoyed the time we've had and....... hell no that's a dead give away.

I give her the pink rose to signify the past and the red rose to signify the future and then I present her with the poem. She reads it and tells me its beuatiful.... she doesn't get it (beginning of each line spells out WILL YOU MARRY ME down the page). I ask her " and so what's your answer?" She re-reads looking for the question. She asks for a clue, I tell her of new beginnings.... it takes a while but then she figures it out and I then present the ring. All the huggy mushy stuff happens (well not all). I then serenade her with 'One in a million you' and we sing together 'Endless Love'.

Then ........... she got a migraine from all the excitement. So I took her home.


bassChocolate said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I'm so excited for you...

Dammit where's my hanky???

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Thanx guys! Appreciate it!

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awwwww.. Congrats BB :D

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Oh my Gosh!!!!!
Oh my Gosh!!!

Thinkbass said...

Congrats BB, May God bless all that follows.


d-steela said...

wait wait , whats goin on? its a tru story? who's getting married? help out the international people

d-steela said...

oh, congrats

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Congratulations and Jubilations