Thursday, December 14, 2006


According to information from the Police Flying Squad, the incidence
of carjacking is on the increase with up to seven incidents occurring
per day.

Three incidents were recorded yesterday, one in Spanish Town, one in
Half-Way-Tree area and one in the Red Hills Rd area. The use of
handguns is a common feature in all incidents. Some of the noted
hotspots for carjacking are as follows:

1. Portmore Mall

2. Richmond Park

3. Mona

4. Hope Pastures

5. Ziadie Gardens

6. Red Hills Road

7. Greater Portmore

8. Spanish Town

The Modus Operandi of these criminals is usually to use two vehicles,
one to block the path of the victim and the other to prevent the victim
from reversing. They then alight from their vehicles with handguns,
which they use to intimidate and rob their victims before making good their
escape in the victim's vehicle. Targeted models are:

Toyota Corolla,
Honda Civic,
Nissan Sunny motorcars,
SUVs are also targeted.


Thinkbass said...

Thanks for the heads up.

laroper18 said...

Be careful also in areas the police are not mentioning.