Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Crude... read at your peril!!!!

So you see a girl walking down the road and you ascertain that she looks good. Next thing you know your mind is gone to wondering how it would be like to have sex with her. Why is that? What does her external features have to do with her vagina? Where are the studies that show the correlation between a beautiful woman and the wonders of her vagina? Is she any more skilled in bed?

Ok, so we get bragging rights to say that we bedded a beautiful woman. How does that make me great? If her looks makes the sex good, then one can never have bad sex with a good looking woman until she starts to age badly. But shouldn't she have learned many wonderful treats by then and would be able to do far more for you than the young thing who just sitting pretty? Also, many a man has warned about the siren trap of beautiful women with lots of psychological problems. After the fact (naturally) they have said that the sex wasn't worth it. And yet..... not one of his bretherin would turn her down if given the chance to hit them skins, even after hearing his mixed tale. Why is that?

So we see a woman in tight jeans and a nice top looking all ... BADOW!!! You know when she takes off those jeans that are currently defining her curves that they will return to their normal cellulitic shape. You know that the cleavage is at the expense of the lateral border of her mammaries. Yet we still look and marvel and wonder what it would be like to get her out of them there jeans. Is the lustful drive for her vagina over-riding the knowledge that she will turn into a pumkin once undressed? Of course this ain't a problem if you're Peter-Peter!

What are you doing noticing that her school uniform fits nicely you *@&% pedophyle?!!! If you met her at a teen movie she is too young. If you met her walking with a group that look like they trying to blend in with her hanging out at the mall, she is too young.

I've heard anthropological explanations suggesting that it's a primitive retained instinct that seeks to procreate with a partner that would generate viable progeny; including those that will be able to successfully carry on the lineage, which they would not be able to do if they were butt ugly. If that is so, then why the hell man running from dem yout? Or wear boots because dem don't want di woman to have no reason to look dem up after the fact? If we can selectively over-ride the instinct then it can't be the real explanation.

For years I've puzzled these things and asked my bredrin and none can answer me (asking me if I prefer to run down bottom is not an answer). So I stare at Krysti Hill and Buffy the body and slip on a puddle of my drool and my mind feasts on approaching happy days (August approacheth) and I don't know why but I persist because the drive is so friggin high. I wonder if I accept the norm because of the unpalatable nature of the alternative. I've tried turning myself off to get a distant logical view of things and the rebound rush nearly killed me. That experiment was years ago before my SO, cause now when I see her, everything makes sense and I wonder how the hell man can run down man.

Anyway, all of this was because a friend of mine who knew me through younger days pointed out that my head was no longer snapping back at every skirt or tight jeans and I was no longer able to amply describe every curve of a female that I had glimpsed for but a second. He felt I had changed and been tamed and he was proud of the change because he never thought I would have been of any good to anyone wrt settling down. I have no idea what he is talking about....
Go figure!

Despite all this babble... I still "luv punany bad.. punany to make you happy, punany to make you sad..." and that will never change!!!


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bassChocolate said...

This is too funny.

What I caan say is this- I've found that, as you said, we men assume a link between a body looking great in her clothes and a body equally great in the bed. I think it's just an issue of the grass being greener on the other side. Additionally, without lining up a bunch of women and 'sampling' them one by one, there's no way to gauge who makes a good partner in bed. So man works uses her initial appeal to decide to judge her final appeal. For many men, I'm guessing, sex is not made or broken by the female but rather by himself (unless, of course, she's 'loose'... been hearing that one since basic school). So with her looks and his thrust, sex is as good as it can get.

I think we all know it isn't true. But what to do. Men really are idiots sometimes.