Friday, March 16, 2007

God is good!

My mother goes walking every weekday morning. Somewhere between 5am and 6am she will go out and walk and walk and walk. When she leaves at 5am she walks over to UWI and does laps around Ring Road. If she leaves closer to 6am she will only walk around our complex. I don't have that kind of commitment to anything except my PC!! ...... oh yeah and my SO.

So Thursday morning, she left out closer to 6am and was doing laps when she heard footsteps behind her and they sounded as if they were approaching quickly and coming between her and the car she was passing close to on her left. Since she is used to persons from our community walking at the same time, she thought it strange but not worrysome... until the man grabbed over her eyes with his left hand, which was stink of cigarettes. She was wearing her glasses and had been praying her rosary but had the presence of mind to scream. Those walking ahead of her turned back and the man ran out of the complex. All she was able to see of him was the red vest he had on.

She came home and cried thinking of how her life could have been ended just like that by an unknown assailant. My brother jumped in the car (and she went with him) to find the guy but he had disappeared by then.

In our morning prayers we thanked the Lord for His protection and prayed that the man would turn from crime. I was so angry though..... although I know that anger, fear and depression are 3 faces of the same coin.

This morning I went walking with her, more for my peace of mind than hers. I know I can't protect her from everything but I love her so I'll try. She is better off with God's protection and perhaps one day I'll learn to let go and let Him before I start to think about how I can make a difference.


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bassChocolate said...

I'm so sorry to hear, and equally glad that it turned out how it did. I can only imagine how you feel about her walking by herself from now on... but you're right... not your will, but His be done.