Sunday, February 03, 2008

I pray

I pray each morning when I get up that I will have the strength to face the day.
I pray as I get ready for Him to take this cup away.
I pray in the car on the way work
I pray that despite the weighty work my duties I won't shirk

I pray as I approach each patient that I'll do the best I can
I pray that whatever I do still fits His master plan
I pray that He'll hasten the passage of time
I pray to go home early... is that such a crime?!

I pray that my patients will get better and to their home quickly go
I pray that if not, their passage won't be slow
I pray that I'll not become just to get through
I pray that all of you will pray for me too.

1 comment:

Sweet Simone said...

Prayin for ya BB :)