Friday, April 04, 2008


So I decided to apply for a credit card. I already have accounts at NCB and VMBS so I decided to diversify and go for a BNS card of some sort. Now I have never had my own credit card although I was on my father's CITIBANK credit card very briefly as a teen.

I asked my wife which one she would suggest. She said go for the Scotia Magna Mastercard. It's dual currency and you get reward points for its use. So I walked in and asked for info. They gave me a long list of things I would need to complete the application process. I told the agent that I just started working so I couldn't furnish 3 payslips. Then I went through the rest of the list and told them what I could or couldn't accommodate.

2 weeks later I gathered what I had and went back to them. Gave them what I had and the agent looked at me with disbelief. Apparently i didn't get the memo that it's a priveledge to be chosen to have a credit card. I asked her how often ppl get turned for credit cards and she said not often if they have the correct documents. She said most times they just give it at a lower limit. They apparently start at $30K.

Anyway, I walk out cause my take on it is that if they turn me down it's their loss really cause I don't have any dependence on a card and they need to sell me the drug and allow me to get that high.

So last night my card arrives in the mail. I open and see that my starting limit is just over 1/4 mil. I figure that's pretty decent until my wife looks at it and tells me that as a long time customer her limit was just finally moved to $75K. She's not amused at the obvious preferential treatment being meted out especially since I didn't satisfy all the application requirements. I shrug my shoulder cause at the end of the day she gonna take my card and spend if she wants.

I hear that in Mandeville the banks offer unsecured loans to Drs. few questions asked. Car loans are also quite easy I hear. Funny how the world no level.

Do I feel special? Always did... doctoring don't make a difference. Am I gonna milk this for all it's worth? Perhaps... but right now i don't give too much thought to it cause easy come easy go.

Enjoy the ride? Always do!!


Unknown said...

I have a Scotia Magna card. To me it's a pretty decent card, I have a decent limit even though it's not as high as yours, but I don't mind as I rarely reach close to the limit. And I have received quite a few Magna cheques that I use for my liquor collection.

Bashmentbasses said...

Having moved out of the family home and gone on this adventure of marriage, I had to restart my liquor collection. Unfortunately, I'm enjoying my collection before it has a chance to build. But thanx for the idea for the magna cheques to be rolling in.

Thinkbass said...

Won't tell you my limit then. Congrats on the card and a liquor collection...hmmm...that means that you would have to buy at a pace and volume that outstrips your drinking. All the best with that.

bassChocolate said...

What's a credit card??? What's a limit? Aren't you scared???

Bashmentbasses said...

About to become cause in 2 fell swoops I dropped 3K on stuff with the card! With consummate ease!!