Wednesday, April 16, 2008

This or that

So I am flipping through the multitude of channels that I now have with the flow Ultimate cable package. They skip many channels and some are in HD so I can't watch them. Others are radio stations, so I can't watch them. With all those channels I can still only watch one at a time.... two if you have PIP. So what am I paying for? Options. Isn't that what we always pay premium dollar for?!

You're born and your parents rush to register you at the top-dollar Prep schools because attending there will get you a good education? That's only part of it. Where you obtain your primary education will dictate or mediate where you obtain your secondary education. That in turn is thought to influence where you go afterwards. If you opt out, presumably you'd have made some good contacts that you can rely on later in life. Some schools push you to do many subjects at the secondary level and others couldn't care what you do. Which means that some schools facilitate options.

At university you choose a major and quite often a minor.... a just in case option. This often after a 1st year that still forces you to do basic faculty courses that fundamentaly give you options. Within your major are options. When you leave you ought to have job options.

You join a service club or extra-curricula activity to socialize.... me thinks not! Sub-consciously you are opening up your options. You start courting and if ppl like you S.O. they tie the knot for you. If not, they want you to keep your options open. Some ppl keep their options open unbeknownst to their spouses.

Some ppl pick up habits so that they can have a say in when they die, Russian Roulette style.... smoking, drinking, free-basing, whoreing, politicking, ... Some ppl like a sure thing like eating poorly (fast food), certain occupations like medicine, law, police work, working with asbestos,.... Either way, it's still options!

Why do we like options so much? Because the two most significant occassions in our lives are birth and death and with those we have no choice!

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bassChocolate said...

Very interesting conclusion... worth a second thought.